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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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Welcome New Members

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Uniting the Southern California Optics Community

The Optical Society of Southern California was founded in 1951 to increase and disseminate the knowledge of optics and closely allied sciences and to promote the mutual interests of investigators, organizations, teachers and students in these fields.
The Society is a local section of the The Optical Society (OSA) and typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month from October through June.  Most of our meetings are open to the public.  Those interested in promoting our goals are urged to apply for either Individual or Corporate Membership.

Images Newsletter

The October 2017 OSSC Newsletter
is now available for download:

Optics News

Pat Bath

OSSC Member Patricia Bath has been recognized by TIME Magazine 9/19/17 (click to view) as The First person to invent Laser Cataract Surgery!

UNESCO announces International Day of Light!

16 May | The International Day of Light

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced its intention to proclaim an annual International Day of Light at their meeting on  November 2017.  The first celebration will take place on 16 May 2018.  Both OSA and SPIE support the event... read more.

The International Year of Light 2015 Final Report is also available on the OSSC website.

Professional Education

Optical Engineering & Optical Instrument Design

Three (3) Fall courses begin in mid-Sept:

                   Intro to Lens Design
                   Optical Systems Engineering
                   Intro to Lasers

These courses are part of the Certificate Programs in:
15% discount for OSSC Members on courses
Required for a Certificate.
(Discount does NOT apply to the above two
Electives and Prerequisite Courses.)

Jennifer Mortensen
with confirmed OSSC Membership
to receive discount code.

Laser and Photonics Technology instructors lead hands-on, laboratory-driven classes, utilizing state-of-the-art industrial equipment, based on the industry-guided photonics curricula written by industry professionals. In addition to laboratory skills, students are offered one-on-one support and career advice, including résumé and LinkedIn profile building.

IVC Photonics is located at the
ATEP campus in Tustin, CA
For Information Contact:
Prof. Desiré Whitmore, Ph.D.

Mirror Technology Days 2017

14 to 16 November 2017

Northrop-Grumman Aerospace Systems
Presentation Center

One Space Park
Redondo Beach, CA

The workshop is managed and organized by SPIE.
The Optical Society of Southern California is the local host.

JWST spacecraft

Tech Days annually summarizes the USA Government's investment strategies and activities in developing technology for any application which requires optical components including: telescopes, imaging systems, seeker/trackers, high-energy laser systems, and solar energy.  Technology investment efforts in optical materials; substrate design & manufacture; optical fabrication and metrology technology; optical coatings; wavefront sensing and control via adaptive optics; and nano-technology imaging technologies will be presented.

Event Details & Registration

Recent OSSC Meeting

Wednesday 11 October 2017

“Imaging” the Invisible World:
Mars, Meteorites and Terrestrial Environments

Mars2020 SHERLOC Instrument Team

Rohit Bhartia, Ph.D. & Luther Beegle, Ph.D.
Planetary Science Division, JPL/NASA/Caltech

Lauren Deflores, Ph.D. & Brian Monacelli, Ph.D.
Instrument Division, JPL/NASA/Caltech

Hosted by JPL

SHERLOC - NASA Mars Instrument

Abstract:  The next Mars mission is scheduled to launch in 2020.  This mission includes a roving platform with a suite of spectroscopic and imaging instruments that will be used to explore the surface and near subsurface of Mars with the expressed goal to search for potential biosignatures.  One of the instruments, SHERLOC, is an arm-mounted deep UV fluorescence and Raman spectrometer that enables non-contact, spatially resolved, high sensitivity detection and characterization of organics and minerals.  This talk will briefly discuss the overall mission, how the development of SHERLOC took shape, as well as present a view through the instrument on how we use this instrument to understand whether there are possible signatures of life on Mars.

Friends of the OSSC Events

CVOSA Meeting

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Make Optics and Sell Online:
How hard can it be?
John McDonald, Ready Optics

6:00 pm:  Mixing and Stand Up Dinner
7:00 pm:  Speaker

$20 donation on site (for dinner and other costs)

Event Details & Registration

IEEE Metropolitan Los Angeles Section
Photonics Society Chapter

Thursday 19 October 2017

Electron-Beam Fabricated Diffractive
Optics for Earth and Space Applications
Dr. Daniel Wilson

5:30 pm – Refreshments/Pizza
6:00 pm – Announcements
6:10 pm – Lecture, Dr. Dan Wilson

Meeting Flyer - Details & Registration Information

Must be an IEEE Member to Attend

4th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies

8 & 9 November 2017

Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

The goal of the event is to connect IR research to industry by focusing on new developments related to detectors for commercial instrumentation, sources and filters, instrument subsystems, and commercial applications.

Event Details & Registration

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