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Southern California Optics & Photonics Enterprise (SCOPE)

The notes below are in draft form and need to be organized and added to before this web page goes active to members or the public.  This page has not yet been approved by the OSSC Board of Directors. 
The SCOPE will be a non-profit business entity used to form a consortium that can seek funding to grow the Southern California Optics & Photonics community.
The SCOPE will have a different mission than the OSSC, the OISC, any of our local colleges and universities and any of our individual OSSC Corporate Members. 
At this point in time, the mission of the SCOPE will only be defined broadly as written above and a more detailed Mission Statement will be developed by a new SCOPE Steering Committee to be assembled soon.  
Since the Mission of the SCOPE will be to raise funds, we will need an account and on-line means to collect and keep track of these funds.  This account should be separate from the OSSC, the OISC and any other entity. 
A preliminary requirement for members of this SCOPE Steering Committee is that they be members in good standing of the OSSC.  It will not be required that members of the OSSC BOD be members of the SCOPE Steering Committee, but until some later event, this SCOPE Steering Committee will report to the OSSC BOD on a regular basis.
On Wed. Oct 8, 2014, we had a very special panel discussion on the National Photonics Initiative (NPI) organized by the Optical Society of Southern California (OSSC).  Since that day, we have embarked on a journey to establish a new Southern California Optics & Photonics Enterprise (SCOPE) which will be focused on building public / private relationships (industry / academia / government) to raise funds and expertise to help meet the needs of our nation and world.  One of our first endeavors will be to write a proposal to compete to win a large investment to build a new Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute in Southern California.