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OSSC Treasurer

-Anatoly Vasiliev -


    Dr. Vasiliev’s areas of research include spatial light modulators (SLMs), adaptive optics, phase conjugation, optical processing, and pattern recognition.  He is the Adaptive Optics System Physicist and Laser Physicist for High Energy Lasers and Advanced Beam Control Programs at Raytheon.  He was the Principal Investigator on U.S.S.R. government research programs and defense contracts that first developed an optical system with pure-phase liquid crystal (LC) SLMs.  SLMs included those implementing spatial filtering, radar signal processing, phase conjugation, 2-D Walsh and Hilbert transforms, holographic associative memory with pseudo-random encoding of key words, optical correlators for shift-, rotation-, and scale-invariant extraction of symmetry features, and an integrated acousto-optic correlator for 3-D perception and velocity measurement.  He also studied the behavior of LCs in nonuniform electric fields, and conducted research & development on adaptive and feedback optical systems with pure phase LC SLMs, and on binary phase-only filters.  At Physical Optics Corporation, Dr. Vasiliev successfully developed target tracking and synthetic aperture radar automatic target recognition (SAR ATR) algorithms and designed optical joint transform correlators (JTCs) for SAR ATR, eye-tracking, authentication, & security applications.  He designed several commercial backlighting systems for LC displays & auto lighting.  Education: Ph.D. in Radiophysics, Academy of Sciences, Moscow; MSEE, State Institute of Electronics & Mathematics (formerly the Institute of Electronics Engineering), Moscow.


Anatoly Vasiliev, Adaptive Optics System Physicist and
Laser Physicist for High Energy Lasers and Advanced Beam Control Programs
Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
El Segundo, California
Phone: (310) 607-6528