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Welcome New Members

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OSSC Vice President

-Nicholas J. Croglio, Jr.-

    Nicholos earned his B.S. in Optics from the University of Rochester and M.S. in Optical Sciences & Engineering from the University of Central Florida.  After working in research areas including lasers for fusion applications for Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics and nonlinear optics & ultrafast lasers at CREOL as a student, Nicholas spent the next several years developing laser and optical systems for manufacturers who built commercial systems.  This experience include: developing high precision laser alignment devices for the construction industry while at Laser Alignment; laser systems for capital equipment manufacturers for DRAM repair, resistor trimming, and micromachining applications while at ESI; and laser cutting/scribing and photo-exposure applications for the flat panel industry while Director of Technology Development at Applied Photonics.  Since moving to Southern California in 2004, Nicholas has been working at JPL in laser metrology where he develops and builds heterodyne laser interferometers.  He says, “In addition to obtaining information and contacts useful to my current job, OSSC has kept me up to date on other optical and photonic fields and industries through the presentations, tours, and discussions with other members.  It’s great to see people that are excited about sharing their knowledge without strings.  As a Counsilor or through an appointment, I hope to help keep OSSC growing to enhance the optics knowledge base & industry in Southern California.”

Nicholas J. Croglio, Jr.
(818) 559-2477