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OSSC Councilor (2003-2004)

-Sean Carney-

    Sean Carney is Engineering & Quality Assurance Manager at Thin Film Devices, Inc.  Previously he was Thin Film Engineer at ZC&R Coatings for Optics, Inc. where he applied the physics of multi-layer thin films in order to design and develop anti-reflection coatings, dielectric and metallic mirrors, plate and cube non polarizing beam splitters, polarizers, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, dichroic mirrors and color matching filters for GAM, Roscoe and Lee gels.  Prior to employment at ZC&R, he worked as an R&D Physicist at Bruker AXS, Inc. designing and developing a new solid-state x-ray detector.  In 1996, Sean earned an MS in Physics from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.  "Physics is a broad field so I settled in one of its most interesting branches (for me anyway): optics.  In graduate school, I had the opportunity to do research in Fourier and Fiber Optics.  I studied Fourier Optics because I was interested in optical pattern recognition.  And I studied Fiber Optics because I was interested in communications.  Thin films were relatively new to me; therefore, I pursued the ‘road not taken.’  Personally, I enjoy my life with Jessy, my beautiful wife and best friend of 4 years, and my two wonderful sons, Sean II and Robert I.  We have all been enjoying living in California these past two years-one cannot really complain about the weather!"

Sean N. Carney 1,
Thin Film Devices, Inc.
1180 North Tustin Avenue
Anaheim, California 92807
(714) 630-7127 x18,   Fax (714) 630-7119