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-Randy Reynard-

Randy Reynard has, in a personal sense, been around thin film optics all his life due to his father’s, Forrest Reynard, involvement in the field and his founding of Reynard Corporation in 1984.  In his early school years, Randy would clean and prepare optics for coating during his summer breaks and, eventually, learn to do vacuum depositions of materials himself. This early involvement paved the way to a fundamental understanding of the power of optics and optical coatings in our world.  In a foreshadowing move, Randy pursued a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara from seeing complimentary growing need of electronics in the optics field.  After several years in circuit board design for electronic countermeasures at Raytheon in Goleta, CA, he moved into the demanding world of computer networks and optical communications by joining a small, dynamic network communication company in Goleta.  He later took a further step and joined a newly formed optical communication start-up called Zaffire that brought him to Silicon Valley.  While leading a design and test team and providing Program Management to various departments including sales, marketing, software, hardware, and even executive management, he was able to observe business fundamentals of a hyper-growth company.  Today, Randy is Vice President of Reynard Corporation.  He is using his educational knowledge and practical business experience to move Reynard Corporation to the forefront of its industry, and is already laying the groundwork to support significant future growth. 



Vice President
Reynard Corporation
1020 Calle Sombra, San Clemente, California 92673