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Upcoming Events



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Professional Education

Fall 2023 courses begin in Late September:
Introduction to Lens Design
Vibration Control for Optomechanical Systems

The above courses are part of Certificate Programs in:
Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design

New:  Alternative Digital Credential:

Past UCI Optical Engineering Webinars

Go to the links above to learn more about the courses and programs.
15% discount for OSSC Members on all courses.
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to receive discount code.

UCI DCE Optics 10 yrs logo

Recorded Information Session - August 2019
OSSC Fellow Donn Silberman was the guest speaker.

Pasadena City College
Laser Technology  Program

The next PCC LaserTech student cohort begins this Fall 2023 semester! Students completing the program in Laser Technology will learn the scientific principles of optics, fiber-optics, and lasers. Laser and Photonics Technology instructors lead hands-on, laboratory-driven classes, utilizing state-of-the-art industrial equipment, based on the industry-guided photonics curricula written by industry professionals. In addition to laboratory skills, students are offered one-on-one support and career advice, including résumé and LinkedIn profile building.

Additional Information

Prof. Brian Monacelli, Ph. D.

Recent Special OSSC Event

Mount Wilson Observatory
 Night Viewing Trip Saturday July 8th

Historic Mount Wilson Observatory is an astronomical research facility located in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. Located on the summit of Mount Wilson above Pasadena at an altitude of 5715 feet (1742 meters), the Observatory is visible from much of the Los Angeles area.  Attendees will get to use the historic 100-inch telescope.

After event info and photos

Please see links below for specific driving directions, parking, and entrance procedures.

Attendees must be over 12 years of age. 

Download Flyer

July 8, 2023
3:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Meet at front gate at 3:00 p.m.We will tour the 100 inch telescope and then use the 100 inch for stargazing.
Viewing begins after sunset and ends at 1:00 a.m.

Bring your own dinner.No alcoholic beverages permitted!




Please Register Soon
**Limited to 20 people**

If more than 10 people are on the Waitlist, we will request a second date.

Recent OSSC Meeting

OSSC Annual Business Meeting
 Combined In-P
erson and Online Event

“Ultrafast Lasers and Innovation”

           Jim Kafka, Ph.D., Fellow & CTO, Spectra-Physics Lasers, MKS; V.P. Optica

Wednesday June 14, 2023
 In-Person Reception 6:00 pm; Dinner 7:00 pm
(No fee to attend presentation only in-person or on-line)
Online Login: 7:15 pm PDT
OSSC Business: 7:30 pm
Presentation: 8:00 pm

Download Flyer

Holiday Inn Los Angeles Gateway - Torrance
19800 S. Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA   90502



In Memoriam

Next OSSC Meeting

Wednesday Oct. 4, 2023
OSSC Combined In-Person and Online Event

“Computation in microscopy: How computers are

changing the way we build and use microscopes”

Changhuei Yang, Ph.D.
California Institute of Technology

In-Person Reception 6:00 pm; Dinner 7:00 pm
(No fee to attend presentation only in-person or on-line)

Online Login: 7:15 pm PDT
OSSC Business: 7:30 pm
Presentation: 8:00 pm

Register Here
The Circadian Room, Pasadena City College
Download Meeting Announcement

Recent OSSC Meeting

Wednesday Sept. 13, 2023
OSSC Combined In-P
erson and Online Event

"Laser ultrasonics for aerospace and nuclear applications."

 Dr. Bradley Bobbs, Senior Scientist,

Laser Ultrasonic Products Group at Intelligent Optical Systems

In-Person Reception 6:00 pm; Dinner 7:00 pm
(No fee to attend presentation only in-person or on-line)

Online Login: 7:15 pm PDT
OSSC Business: 7:30 pm
Presentation: 8:00 pm

Holiday Inn Los Angeles Gateway - Torrance
19800 S. Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA   90502

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OSSC Newsletters


August 2023 Newsletter

OSSC Members may view Newsletters
dating back to 1998 here


Member News

OSSC Member and Boy Scout Leader Tom Scheffelin spent time with his Troop Working on their
Astronomy Merit Badge more photos here. 

Check out this short science fiction story by OSSC Treasurer Prof. Alex Small.
Don't feed the physicists.

And another new article by OSSC Secretary Donn Silberman
The Quantum Universe - Atoms, Humans & Light

OSSC Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected
2023-2024 OSSC Officers

President - Kevin Romero
Vice President - Jack Latchinian
Secretary - Donn Silberman
Treasurer - Alex Small
Councilors - McGwire Herbert, Martin Hagenbuechle, Harvey Spencer 


Visit our Outreach Webpage to learn about volunteering opportunities.

The OSSC partners with 

Mostly in Orange County
But they are expanding !!

Past Special OSSC Event

Arnie Bazensky's Memorial

Saturday June 3rd @ 11 am

Arnie Bazensky's Memorial - Unity of Tustin (
14402 Prospect Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 | (714) 730-3444
Some Arnie photos thru the years

Arnie Bazensky  at Unity of Tustin!

Friends of OSSC Meeting

Join us to hear about photonics & optics breakthroughs that will shape the future

Our invited speakers are technology and business leaders at trailblazing companies at the intersection of nanotechnology and optics. They are pushing the boundaries of photonics to build next-generation products and solutions that will define industry trends in the next decade. 

Join us in person

Location: Ozen Inc., 1210 E Arques Ave, Suite 207, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Join our webinar


Recent Friends of OSSC Meeting

Quantum Engineering workshop 2023
Thursday, May 25 · 8:30am - 6pm PDT

Live in-person and on-line

 Details Here

Caltech Pasadena, CA 91125

Quantum Engineering Workshop - Quantum Communication, Systems, Information, Computing, Material, Algorithms

This is the third annual workshop in quantum engineering.

The quantum engineering workshop aims to bring engineering and physics experts together to promote the integration of the emerging areas as a cross disciplinary educational and research effort, and explore the interface of classical engineering (such as mechatronics, instrumentation and robotic technologies) and quantum mechanics (such as the applications of quantum entanglement, cryptography, and teleportation). In particular, we hope to promote quantum engineering to mechanical and aerospace engineers who are not traditionally exposed to quantum mechanics.

Optica Silicon Valley - 
Winter event

February 24, 2023, 3pm - 6pm

We were excited to have three leading experts, Mark Wade, Leah Kuritzky, and Robert Maher, and hear from them as they discussed their perspectives of the photonics and optics industry.
Optica Silicon Valley (web link)


Recent OSSC Meetings

OSSC In-Person and Online Event
May 17, 2023
 A Tribute to OSSC Fellow Arnie Bazensky
and OSSC Nominations

James Bullock, Ph. D.
UC Irvine
Dean, School of Physical Sciences
Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

“Exploring the Cosmos with JWST”

Venue:  UC Irvine DCE Building
 In-Person 6:00 pm; Online 7:30 pm PDT

OSSC Online Event  April 12, 2023

“Compound Semiconductor-on-Insulator: Integrated Photonics Beyond Silicon”

Dr. Galan Moody, Assistant Prof., ECE, UCSB

Logon 7:15pm
OSSC Opening Remarks 7:45 pm
Presentation 8:00pm

OSSC Combined In-Person and Online Event March 15, 2023

"Laser-based gas analysis in a hollow core fiber-optic: land, sea, air, and space (from the bottom of our ocean to a moon of Saturn)

            Jason Kriesel, Ph.D., President, Guiding Photonics and Lead Scientist, OKSI

OSSC Combined In-Person and Online Event Feb 8, 2023

Overview and Status of the Giant Magellan Telescope
Breann Sitarski, Ph.D., GMTO

OSSC Combined In-Person and Online Event Jan 11, 2023

Recent Optical Instrument Development at Sensitic Technologies, LLC.

J. Kent Wallace, M.S.,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory and
Sensitic Technologies, LLC.
Kent Wallace

Wallace Optical Schematic
In-Person Location
Pasadena City College

1570 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

OSSC Combined In-Person and Online Event Dec 14, 2022

Tabletop Exhibits for Corporate Member Appreciation

“Frontiers of Laser Driven Advanced Accelerators”

Prof. Franklin Dollar, UC Irvine, Physics & Astronomy Dept.
Franklin Dollar

Zeus Laser Syst

Combined In-Person & Webinar
Wed, Nov 16, 2022
“The Quantum Industry, Education & Outreach – an Overview”
by Donn Silberman & Doug Finke

Reception:  6:00pm   Dinner:  7:00pm  Presentation:  8:00pm

Donn Silberman

Doug Finke

In-Person Venue
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Tustin Orange County

5011 Newport Ave., Tustin, CA  92780


OSSC Combined In-Person & Webinar
Wed, Oct 12, 2022
"Range-Compensating Lens: Application to LIDARs"

In-Person MKS Instruments  

1791 Deere Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606

jason _mudge4   
Jason Mudge, PhD                     Adam Phenis, MS




Corporate Address:  Box 228, 2312 Park Avenue
TustinCalifornia  92782
The OSSC is a non-profit 501(C)3 tax exempt corporation.
The OSSC does NOT endorse candidates for public office or contribute to political candidates or campaigns.